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Number One Source for Tax Refund Loans and Refund Anticipation Loans

Tax time is here so it's time for you to get your income taxes back sooner with the help of We understand you need cash fast! So we have designed our online application to be user friendly with approval provided in as little as 90 seconds. Technology can do a lot, but sometimes you need a little extra help with the process. That is why we have established these outstanding loans to provide help when you need it most! If you need your tax refund back fast then start the process today with is the #1 source for Tax Refund Loans and Refund Anticipation Loans offers the following loans for your financial needs:

  • - Income Tax Advances, Tax Refund Loan, Tax Anticipation Loan or Tax Refund Advance loan
  • - Tax Refund Installment Loan or Tax Anticipation Installment Loan
  • - Tax Refund Anticipation Loans in 1 Hour
  • - RAL Loans in 1 hour
  • - Tax Refund Line of Credit Loan

Does File My Taxes for Me?

Our service is designed to get you cash fast through a tax refund loan or tax refund anticipation loan. We do not file your taxes for you so you still receive your refund, not us. We want to be very clear about that! We are in the business of getting you the money you need, when you need it most, not filing taxes. is not designed to file your taxes as that would involve a lot of paperwork, costly software, office visits, and income verification. The best thing about is that none of that is necessary to get you cash fast. To make things even quicker and easier you are not even required to file your taxes prior to applying for a tax refund loan with However it would be a good idea to file your taxes as quickly as you can so that you have the money to repay your loan in as quickly as possible. Most Tax Refund Loans and Refund Anticipation Loans are due in a few weeks or you may be required to pay additional fees. Extending the loan is a possibility but you will need to be prepared to pay additional fees. We are not a tax preparer service. We extend quality short term tax refund loans and Refund Anticipation Loans. Rest assured, we have highly qualified staff with years of experience to help guide you through the process.

How Much Do Tax Refund Loans and Refund Anticipation Loans Cost and What are the Terms?

Once you have submitted the application online you simply wait for about 90 seconds while the application is processed and approved. Once approved your browser will be redirected to a loan document which will clearly show the cost of the tax refund loan and all terms for which you were approved. If you're satisfied with the tax refund loan cost and terms as provided then you simply follow the instructions for providing your electronic signature and your done. Yes it's that easy. If by some chance your not satisfied with the terms or cost of the loan then simply close your browser and it costs you nothing.

What are the other most important things to know About Tax Refund Loans and Refund Anticipation Loans?

The most important thing to know is that has worked hard to make the approval process for tax refund loans and refund anticipation loans as simple and easy as possible. If you have a computer and just a few minutes of time to input your information, we will do the rest. After you enter your information all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait a few short seconds for your approval. It really is that simple!

We ONLY focus on tax refund loans and refund anticipation loans so you don't need to stress about your information being passed from lender to lender. We only work with a few select quality lenders who are online now waiting to get you approved. That's right; they are waiting for you to simply enter your information 24/7.

Once you receive the approval, the loan document will need to be signed and then you are finished! On rare occasions your lender may need additional information. In this case the lender will quickly contact you directly so that you will receive the cash fast! Also, you are more than welcome to contact the staff or your lender anytime with questions. Once all the information has been received and you have been approved the money will be in your bank account the very next business day if approved before 5 p.m.

Wait a minute; I need My Tax Refund Loan Faster than tomorrow!

Tax Refund Lenders

The highly qualified staff at has worked tirelessly to streamline the process for a tax refund anticipation loan. After the amazingly fast approval is received, does business with lenders that specialize in tax refund anticipations loans in 1 hour. No need to worry, we can help if you need your money faster than 24 hours. Take a look at our page on tax refund anticipation loans in 1 hour (RAL loans in 1 hour).

We Have Tax Refund Installment Loans

Tax refund installment loans or also known as RAL Installment Loans are loans which provide longer terms and lower payments. It this interest you, we can provide this type of loan as well. We have lenders online right now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week that are waiting to take care of your cash needs. We can and will get you the type of loan that best fits your financial needs. If payment of the loan in full or larger than normal payments do not fit your lifestyle then a tax refund installment loan or RAL installment loan is exactly what you need. The best thing about it is that you will get the same quality fast service you deserve and expect while receiving more comfortable payment terms.

What if I need a Tax Refund Line Of Credit?

You will be happy to know that we provide this service as well! provides tax refund lines of credit. Our lenders who specialize in providing you with a tax refund line of credit are available 24/7 to provide this service. These days most people are extremely busy and we understand. Our lenders are ready right now to approve your tax refund line of credit. The approval process is extremely fast, usually within 90 seconds. You don't need to worry about bad credit or now credit because there are no credit checks to apply. If you need a little cash now to pay rent or buy groceries and more later to pay your car payment, than this is the way to go. Traditional tax refund loans and refund anticipation loans do not provide a way for you to get more cash without going through the approval process again. The tax refund line of credit will allow you to continue to get more cash as you need it, with payments that fit your budget.

At, We Wrote The Book On Tax Refund Loans and Refund Anticipation Loans is the company the competition attempts to mimic. We are the one and only and we can prove it. If you desire a tax refund anticipation loan you will not find a better company. We are number one at what we do. Our website and our lenders concentrate on tax refund loans and refund anticipation loans. It's our focus and we do it well! And don't forget we are not tax preparers and do NOT file your taxes. That is actually a good thing! That means that you don't have to be burdened with all that tax or income verification documents. We will not need them to qualify for a tax refund anticipation loan. Even better, bad credit or no credit is not an issue at all! Our lenders will not ask for these documents or perform traditional credit checks. Our only goal is to get you cash fast before or during tax season! will always suggest you file your taxes as soon as you can, if not before applying for a tax refund anticipation loan. The best approach is to file your taxes first so you can repay the loan when it becomes due. If filing your taxes before you apply for the loan is not possible and you need cash now, no problem. Our lenders can take care of an extension if needed. Keep in mind an extension will cost you a little more.

Where Do I Apply for a Tax Refund Loan or Refund Anticipation Loan?

You apply for tax refund loans or refund anticipation loans right here on this website. Click this link: Apply for a Tax Refund Loan or Refund Anticipation Loan Now or start at the top of this page

Doing business with means you will not have to worry about making an appointment to get a loan or worry about having copies of your tax returns. All you need is a job and enought income in order to get approved for tax refund loans and refund anticipation loans.